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The Spring Lake Park Youth Hockey Association would like to invite you to be part of the C and D level Mite Jamboree 



The Jamboree Includes:

  • 3 half-ice (a hard divider separates the rink) 4 on 4 games guaranteed 
  • BACK AGAIN!  Skills Competition!
  • Line-ups announced with spotlights, music, and a fog machine during the last game on Sunday
  • Certified Referees
  • Gifts for each player
  • Hats, t-shirts and more available for purchase at the arena
  • No gate fee for spectators
  • Fun “tournament-style” atmosphere
  • Individual participation medal for each skater
  • EMTs onsite
  • All games at Fogerty Arena in Blaine, MN
  • Daily Specials at Stick and Stones bar and restaurant, adjacent to the hockey rink

Jamboree Registration:  $450.00

*Due to the number of teams participating, requests for specific game days and times cannot be guaranteed.


NOTE: Given the uncertainty surrounding the current COVID virus, should the Jamboree have to be cancelled due to COVID, refunds will be provided.


2021 SLP Mite Jamboree Skills Competition Details

Back again this year to our Spring Lake Park Mite Jamboree experience is a player skills competition!  This is intended to be a fun event for the kids and for teams to cheer them on.  The competition will take place on Saturday with C Mites participating one hour and D Mites another hour.  As some teams play during this time, they may come to whichever hour works within their schedule.  The competition will feature two skills: 1) Speed and 2) Shooting Accuracy.  Each team will be able to have up to two individual skaters participate in the event.  (This is only limited because we have just under 600 skaters participating over the weekend and unfortunately just couldn't possibly handle all of them.)  

We will feature trophies for the top three skaters split out by C or D level and each of the two competitions.  No results will be shared or made public.  Coaches may request results from the skills competition coordinators for their skaters only.  Trophies will be presented on Sunday during the respective teams post-game medal presentations, so you don't have to stick around all two hours of the event.  We ask that coaches determine their two skaters and have them ready to participate at their respective times.  Coaches will provide the names of their skaters to the skills coordinators at the time of the event.

Participation in the event is not required for the Jamboree but encouraged as a fun option to complete your weekend experience.  We ask that everyone cheer and encourage ALL skaters during the event to promote fun hockey experience and encourage our young kinds to continue to grow their interest in the sport!  Volunteers will be available during the weekend for questions.

We look forward to seeing your kids show their stuff and having fun!

The SLP Mite Jamboree Committee


Jamboree Coordinator

Phone: 6129611100

Registration for the 2020-2021 season is OPEN

Click on the below link to go to the registration page to register and for additional information. 

Fundraising Information

Reminder to all hockey families:

This year we are selling raffle tickets. The cost to sell the tickets is $150 per skater/$250 per family.  Tickets will be handed out at the following In-Person Registrations dates. These must be paid for by cash or check only - no cards. (All In-Person events are held in the conference room at Fogerty Arena):

  • August 14th, from 6 pm - 8 pm 
  • September 14th from 7 pm -9 pm  (Traveling registration close date)
  • October 27th from 6 pm- 8 pm (Mite registration close date)

The online apparel store is NOW OPEN! Here's some information for apparel this season. Most of the samples are available at Xtreme Custom Apparel in Blaine. They should have the rest in store soon. We will have three different ordering opportunities. The closing dates are as follows October 7th, 19th, & November 6th. Due to covid they are trying to limit in store traffic, but we understand most would like to try on samples. Please wear a mask and be courteous when visiting the store. 


The link for the online store is below:


Xtreme Custom Apparel

10931 Baltimore Street 

Blaine, MN 55449 

Office: 763.780.1415


Let us know if you have any questions!



Panther Hockey 5,000 Shot Challenge

GOAL - Increase shot speed, quickness & accuracy

The Plan - Shoot 5,000 pucks in 10 weeks

Weekly Goal - 500 shot per week

Daily Goal - 100 shots per day (5 days per week)

Reward - Youth players whom complete this challenge will be introduced before the start of a varsity game next season.